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      Bank Name: Mountain America Credit Union
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    • By using a credit/debit card to purchase online education from Renatus, LLC, you: represent to us that you are either the holder of the card account or an authorized user of the card that is being used to make the purchase, that the card is valid at the time of use and that the card has enough credit available to cover the purchase being made by you.

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      By using the Wire Transfer option to purchase online education from Renatus, LLC you represent that you are an authorized user on the account. The terms used in this agreement have the meaning given to them in Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code – Funds Transfers (UCC 4A). This agreement will be governed by the law of the state in which your account with your financial institution is located. This agreement is also subject to all funds-transfer system rules, rules of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and their operating circulars. If any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable, the rest of the agreement remains effective. This agreement controls funds transfers unless supplemented or amended in a separate written agreement signed by all parties. A funds transfer is the transaction or series of transactions that begin with the originator’s payment order, made for the purpose of making payment to Renatus. A funds transfer is completed by the acceptance by the beneficiary’s bank of a payment order for the benefit of the beneficiary of the originator’s order. A funds transfer does not include any transaction if any part of the transfer is covered by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act of 1978, as amended from time to time. You may give us a payment order orally, electronically or in writing, but your order cannot state any condition to payment to the beneficiary other than the time of payment.

      In the event that there is not enough funds to cover your full purchase, and you submit a charge less than the total amount of the order total, your order will be put in a partial payment status until your affiliate can finish entering the remainder of the funds for you.
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